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A Dragon Story


Title: Ein Zuhause für Deinen Drachen
Illustrator: Meike Schneider
Author: Ulli Felber

Publisher: Jupintermond Verlag

Release: March 7th 2024

Pages: ca. 36

Reading age: from 4 years

EAN: 9783949239212

Link to book here

"Ein Zuhause für Deinen Drachen" (A Home for your dragon) is a childrens book I've illustrated for Jupitermond Verlag in 2023. A story about big emotions, a courageous girl, and her wild dragon.

Do you know where real dragons live? Dragons that are wild and breathe fire, sometimes gentle and silent? Mari takes care of such a dragon. However, she only understands why and how when the age-old young woman takes her on a journey into the wondrous world of emotions. To a place where real dragons live. And you know what? It's not that far from here...


A Spooky Storybook


Title: The haunted house's secret
Illustrator: Meike Schneider
Author: Anne Mette K Olesen

Publisher: My best book Publishing

Release: September 2021

Pages: 27

Reading age: 5-9 years

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Something mysterious is going on at the infamous haunted house at the end of Cobweb Way in Old Skullington. Is the house really abandoned? Do ghosts and monsters actually exist? Only a visit to the abandoned house can answer that. The children of the story soon find themselves at the center of their own horror movie!

This spooky story is an unpredictable experience with thrills, fun and nerve-wracking moments. Luckily, it quickly becomes clear that even the most scary looking ghosts and monsters can turn out to be sweet and welcoming. The only thing they are out for is just making some new friends!


A Christmas Story


1. Christmas Adventure

2. Santa's Workshop
3. Save Christmas

4. Magical Christmas Journey

Illustrator: Meike Schneider
Author: Anne Mette K Olesen

Publisher: My best book Publishing

Release: 2019, 20, 21, 22

Pages: 24

Reading age: 4-9 years

Link to book here

While waiting for Christmas, our creative children are looking forward to Christmas and help to pass the time by playing in the woods, where they have fun by making animals out of twigs and pinecones.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through the woods, a shooting star blazes across the sky and the animals magically come to life. The children and animals then busily plan for a wonderful Christmas in the woods.

These books are part of a Christmas collection including 4 books, where the children explore new adventures in each story. The books can either be read separate from each other or as sequels in their original order.


Finni & Fredo


Title: Finni & Fredo - Was kann mein Körper?
Illustrator: Meike Schneider
Author: Jeanette Bernsau

Publisher: Finni & Fredo Publishing

Release: 2019

Pages: 64

Reading age: 5-8 years

ISBN: 978-3-9821305-0-7

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Finni and Fredo are the best friends. They love to move. But how does the human body actually do that? For that, they need their whole body!

This book explains in a child-friendly way all important body parts and functions, features understandable anatomical illustrations with Finni and Fredo, is filled with tasks and questions for active participation and self-discovery. The book casually, playfully, and without wagging a finger explains why sufficient movement and healthy nutrition are important for the body.