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About Meike Schneider

Hi, I’m Meike, a 3D Artist & Illustrator with a strong focus on Characters based in Germany. My expertise extends to working with esteemed clients, including publishers, advertising agencies, and art studios. Throughout my career, I've undertaken a diverse array of projects, ranging from Children's Book Illustration and Character Design to Visual Development, Product/Packaging Design, 3D Character and Environment Modeling. Notable names among my esteemed clientele include Adobe, Disney, Logitech, Jada Toys, LIDL, DELL, My Best Book, TOPP Verlag, 3D Total, and an array of others.

Beyond my freelance endeavors, I have amassed over five years of experience as a 3D Modeling and Character Design lecturer, while also serving as an art department supervisor. Guiding and nurturing aspiring talents has been a fulfilling aspect of my artistic journey, allowing me to share my passion and knowledge within esteemed institutions such as PIXL VISN and SCHOOL OF GAMES in Cologne.


Unveiling life beyond the art

meikearts meike schneider with chickens drizella ursula and abigail

As an artist, my journey is a perpetual quest for new techniques and continual skill development. Infused with boundless joy, happiness, and vibrant colors, my art style draws inspiration from the multitude of activities I cherish in my personal life. Among these, traveling holds a prominent place, as I derive immense inspiration from exploring new destinations and immersing myself in diverse cultures.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I find solace in tranquil days spent outdoors with my cherished backyard chickens and bunnies, tending to my garden and enjoying the serenity it brings. My passions extend to various realms of creativity and aesthetics, encompassing interior design, fashion, gardening, and engaging in exhilarating sports such as snowboarding, Latin ballroom dancing, and horseback riding.

A cherished dream of mine is to one day own a spacious plot of land, where I can establish a self-sustaining homestead and create a sanctuary for rescued animals. This vision epitomizes my desire to embrace a harmonious and fulfilling life that intertwines both my artistic expression and love for the natural world.

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Core Competencies

  • Character Design

  • (Children's) Book Illustration

  • Visual & Look Development

  • 3D Character & Environment Modeling

  • Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Compositing

  • Traditional/Digital Painting & Sculpting

  • Instructor & Lecturer for more than 5 years

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Cologne, Germany



Some clients and partners I've worked with:


The Rookies

Finalist after graduation in 2014


3d Artist of the Month

RebusFarm Render Service May 2016



I've had the privilege of working on a plethora of exquisite book and magazine projects, collaborating with esteemed clients and publishers worldwide. Below, you'll find a glimpse of the books I have had the pleasure to create, illustrate, or contribute to in recent years. Simply click on the arrows to effortlessly navigate through the gallery.


Artistic Background

Journey & influence

Growing up in the 90s, the indelible impact of beloved Walt Disney classics like Aladdin and Pocahontas on my creative endeavors is undeniable. As a young viewer, the enchantment of these films piqued my curiosity about the intricate process of animation, igniting a fascination for the immense effort invested in bringing these magical worlds to life. Even today, I find myself more captivated by the behind-the-scenes "making of" documentaries than the films themselves. This enduring passion led me to discover a treasured possession from my childhood—a cherished book entitled "Cartoon Animation" by Preston Blair. Through years of dedicated study, I delved into Blair's animated works and painstakingly recreated his captivating animations, fueling my dreams of one day becoming an animator myself.

From an early age, I displayed an insatiable urge to create. While other children immersed themselves in playing with dolls, I found solace in sketching my own comic books and weaving intricate tales. Imagination took shape as I crafted characters and even fashioned toys from unconventional materials like paper, salt dough, and toilet paper rolls. My affinity for conjuring fantastical realms and endearing characters, unbound by the limitations of reality, gradually steered me from portraying the human form and painting landscapes toward the captivating realm of stylized characters and immersive environments.

Beyond the enchantment of Disney's cinematic universe, my artistic journey drew immense inspiration from 90s TV shows like Sailor Moon and DoReMi, as well as Nintendo games such as ZELDA and Mario.

Kinder verkleidet als Sailor Moon
Art Book collection

Career & education

The experience of watching Disney's CG movie TANGLED served as a catalyst for my passion to pursue a career in 3D Animation. TANGLED captivated me with its visually stunning aesthetics, making it the first CGI movie that truly captivated my heart. With this inspiration in mind, I wasted no time and enrolled in PIXL VISN media arts academy in 2012, dedicated myself to the field of 3D Animation & VFX and proudly obtained my diploma.


My journey took an exciting turn when my student Demo Reel propelled me to become a finalist in The Rookie Awards 2014. This achievement opened doors for me, leading to my first professional opportunity at DOOBLEX, a Studio specializing in product visualization located in Cologne.


Even as I continued working full-time at DOOBLEX, my drive to cultivate my artistic brand prompted me to take on commissions during my weekends. I poured countless hours into client projects, often staying late at my desk after finishing a regular work day, all in the pursuit of honing my skills. Eventually, I was entrusted with the role of Student Advisor and Instructor at PIXL VISN, where it all began. This nostalgic return to my roots allowed me to guide and inspire young artists, which I found immensely fulfilling. Four years later, I took a leap of faith and decided to resign from my full-time position, focusing wholeheartedly on my freelance career.

My Workspace


My art studio

My tool setup

eucalyptus in vase cartoon

My creative sanctuary resides within the confines of my home — a meticulously renovated attic transformed into an expansive art studio. The journey of this transformation is chronicled in a captivating video and an in-depth blog post, showcasing the meticulous process behind my room makeover.


To facilitate organization and enhance my productivity, I opted for the remarkable DreamBox by CreateRoom. This ingenious creation has revolutionized my workspace, streamlining my workflow and enabling me to work more efficiently.  I've even prepared a video that takes you on an enchanting tour through my DreamBox haven.

At the heart of my artistic arsenal resides the esteemed WACOM Cintiq Pro 24HD Touch, connected to my MAC Book Pro. This dynamic duo serves as my primary tool for digital artistry. For the realm of digital painting, I rely on the powerful combination of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. When it comes to the intricacies of 3D art, I find solace in the embrace of Autodesk Maya and its accompanying Arnold Renderer, ZBrush, and Nuke. As a proud partner of Logitech, I have been thoroughly equipped with their exceptional range of tools, including keyboards, mice, cameras, speakers, and more, elevating my creative experience to unprecedented heights.


In recent times, I've integrated the iPad Pro seamlessly into my regular workflow, granting me the freedom to create art on the go and during my travels. This versatile device has become an indispensable companion, particularly when I delve into the realms of ProCreate and Adobe Fresco.

Little Mary 3D Print
My inspiration wall
Traditional Media
The Hobby Box
The Hobby Box
Traditional Media
The Hobby Box

Style & Influence

Believable worlds

My wellspring of inspiration stems from a diverse array of sources, each leaving an indelible mark on my creative spirit. One of my greatest passions lies in exploring the kaleidoscope of beautiful color combinations, which fuels my love for travel.


Immersing myself in different cultures, encountering new people, and visiting captivating places inevitably unveils a stark contrast to the familiar sights we encounter in our everyday lives. Countries situated in the northern regions often reveal colder, less saturated color palettes, while those closer to the equator exude vibrancy and exuberant hues. During my travels, I relish in the opportunity to delve into the daily lives of the locals, observing the world through their eyes and gaining a profound understanding of their needs and attitudes towards life. My keen eye carefully scrutinizes individuals, discerning their shared characteristics and unique qualities, which I can then infuse into my character designs. This crucial aspect shapes the authenticity of my original characters and breathes life into the worlds I create. If you're curious to delve deeper into this facet of my artistic journey, I've penned a captivating blog post chronicling how my trip to the Maldives served as a wellspring of inspiration for my art.

In my quest for creative nourishment, I am open to drawing inspiration from virtually everything that surrounds me. Even a leisurely stroll through nature can unveil a wellspring of pure inspiration and ideas. Witnessing the resplendent hues of crimson in the autumn woods, with their imperfect yet captivating and uniquely shaped leaves, has the power to ignite my imagination. Sometimes, serendipity strikes as I stumble upon captivating color combinations in a magazine, while other times, a stunning pattern on a simple flower pot catches my eye. It is these seemingly insignificant details that infuse my work with inspiration, shaping my individual style and guiding the evolution of my artistic expression.

Above all, I firmly believe that artists should never cease their pursuit of knowledge and should continually observe and draw inspiration from real-life experiences. There is an infinite wealth of wisdom waiting to be discovered, forever fueling our artistic journeys.

Golden Vintage Girl Artwork painted with Arteza Gouache paints

Appealing characters

As a creator of fictional worlds, my fascination with astronomy naturally runs deep. The vastness of the universe, with its countless secrets and uncharted territories, never fails to astonish me. Science fiction movies and documentaries exploring the mysteries of the cosmos have become a cherished source of inspiration, feeding my insatiable curiosity. Equally captivating is the enigmatic realm beneath the ocean's surface, with its untouched landscapes and hidden wonders, akin to an entirely new world waiting to be discovered.


My art style also draws profound influence from the realms of fashion and my personal hobbies. For many years, I have dedicated myself to the art of Latin ballroom dancing at a professional level. This pursuit has gifted me with a profound understanding of dynamic character poses and the essential concept of the line of action. The fluidity and grace inherent in dance have seamlessly woven their way into my artistic repertoire.

Being an open-minded individual, I constantly seek out new experiences and yearn for additional hours in the day to acquire new skills. This insatiable appetite for growth and learning is a vital mindset for any artist. It allows me to truly grasp and empathize with the situations and actions my characters find themselves in. For example, my extensive background in horse riding, spanning several years, has provided me with an intimate understanding of equine movement and anatomy, enabling me to portray these majestic creatures with authenticity and grace.

Partners & Sponsors

  • XP - PEN
  • Adobe
  • Create Room
  • Logitech


Tv & Interviews

2020 - Tom Bancroft Live Interview

MerMay Instagram Live Interview

2017 - ART SIDE OF LIFE YouTube
EP.28 'Why to attend art competitions'

2017 - GCC Dortmund YouTube
Interview with 'Zweikampfsofa'
from 4:52min till end of video

2020 - WDR Lokalzeit Bonn
Photography at 'lost places'

2014 - WDR Lokalzeit Aachen
PIXL VISN Graduate at ZAB Aachen



Artist of the Month May 2016

Rebus RenderFarm Contest

2014 The Rookies Awards
CG Student Awards Finalist


WACOM MerMay Art Competition 2019

Honorable Mentions

2011 MMC Competition for Comics


'3D Converse Chuck Model'
by Converse on Twitter 2015

IAMAG.CO Best Realtime 3D Models
3D Character Model "Little Mary"
No. 1+ Cover in "Sketchfab Realtime Selection"


The Making of "Little Mary"


MerMay Art Exhibition
May 16th - 31rd 2020
Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles

Artist Alley 2019 Cologne, Germany

German Comic Con Dortmund, Germany
Artist Alley 2017 & 2018

Art Exhibition 'The Art of Dance'
at Dr. Fliegner Langenfeld

Art Exhibition 2008 & 2009

Hildener Künstlermarkt
youngest art exhibitor

Press Articles Print


August 2022 "Meet the Artist" Interview

Article from page 68 - 77


May 2022 "A winter (and autumn's) tale"

Article from page 18 - 31


Sept 2020 'Artist in Residence'

workspace tour page 30 - 35

Sept. 2016 'Little Mary 3D Character'
Back Cover + page 94 & 95

'Kunst & Kritik' 14.07.2009
Hildener Künstlermarkt 2009


'Mangas aus Meikes Feder' 21.04.2008

'Mit Mangas zum Hildener Künstlermarkt'
16.04.2008 Interview with Meike Schneider


'Kunst zum Anschauen' 15.06.2008

Hildener Künstlermarkt 2008


'Foto-Arbeiten inspiriert von Cindy Sherman' from 10.11.2010

'So möchte Ich sein' 15.11.2010


Press Articles Online

PAGE 'Adobe Hidden Treasures x David Bowie' from June 16th 2022
featuring Illustrator Meike Schneider

ADOBE BLOG 'Wir feiern eine Ikone: Adobe holt David Bowie in die Creative Cloud Anwendungen' from June 13th 2022
featuring Illustrator Meike Schneider

PRESSEBOX: 'Adobe x Bowie: Adobe holt von Bowie inspirierte Tools in Creative Cloud' from June 13th 2022

featuring Illustrator Meike Schneider

IMAGINEFX Article Issue 190

Sept 2020 'Artist in Residence -
Meike Schneider'

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