About Meike Schneider


CG Student Awards 2014


Winner of RebusFarm's
"3D Artist of the Month" May 2016


Little Mary Artwork was featured in Issue 211 of the 3D World Magazine


MMC competition for comics 2011

I’m Meike, a 3D Artist & Illustrator with a strong focus on Characters, based in Cologne, Germany. I’m probably best known through Instagram and Tom Bancroft’s MerMay. My work includes projects such as Children’s Book Illustration, Character Design, Visual Development, 3D Character & Environment Modeling as well as Look Development.

I’m currently working as a freelancer for various Animation Studios and companies as well as teaching as an Instructor at the School of Games in Cologne.

Grown up in the 90s, it becomes apparent that my work was highly influenced by Walt Disney’s feature classics such as Aladdin and Pocahontas. CG Movies such as Tangled, Frozen or Wreck it Ralph were one of the reasons I was inspired to pursue a career in Animation in the first place. I have been drawing ever since I can hold a pencil in my hand. As a kid I watched “the making of Disney’s Tarzan”, where Glen Keane talked about how he animated Tarzan. Since then I knew that I wanted to become an Animator.

Right after finishing school (ABITUR) in 2012, I started following my dream by studying 3D Animation & VFX at the PIXL VISN media arts academy. After graduating with a Diploma in Animation, I became finalist in “The Rookie Awards 2014”, which led to a job at Dooblex, a studio for product visualisation. While still working full-time, I started taking commissions and slowly building my own brand as an artist. In late 2015 I got hired as a Student Advisor and Instructor – back to the roots - at PIXL VISN


I had been working at PIXL VISN for almost 4 years until I quit my job in mid-2019 to become a full-time freelancer. I had made myself a name through Instagram and the previous freelance projects I did while still being full-time employed.

During my time as a freelancer I have been working on many projects such as children's book illustrations for "Finni & Fredo" and "My Best Book", Visual Development and Character Designs for the upcoming TV show “Coral Kins”, as well as Character Designs for Paris Hilton’s mobile game.


My 3D Character “Little Mary” won the “Artist of the Month” in May 2016 by RebusFarm and was also published in the 3D World Magazine Issue 211, the world’s best-selling magazine for CG artists.

Apart from my Job, I enjoy some sports such as latin ballroom dancing, horse riding and snowboarding. I also love to travel around the world, getting to know different countries and cultures and coming back with lots of new inspiration.




  • 3D Character & Environment Modeling

  • Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Compositing

  • Traditional/Digital Painting & Sculpting

  • Character & Set Design

  • Visual & Look Development

  • Children's Book Illustration







Cologne, Germany




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