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My Workspace Makeover + Room Tour!

Insight into how I transformed my Office from a grey and boring to a bright and cozy Workspace!

STUDIO TOUR ON YouTube NOW! Watch my Studio Tour on YouTube! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more updates on my art and life as an artist!

By the end of 2018 I decided to renovate my home studio as I noticed how much time I'm actually spending there! Seriously... I was satisfied with all rooms in my apartment, but my workspace looked horrible as I had no storage to put all my art supplies in! I'm living in a small town close to Cologne in Germany. After moving into my apartment a couple years ago I kind of used my office room as work and some kind of storage room. However I feel like I'm spending more hours a day in that office space instead of my living room- so why not making this room cozy and nice?

Cozy and warm Home Studio of Meike Schneider, renovated in Winter 2018.

"It's not that I didn't like the design of my old office - It just felt like a business office rather than a creative studio!"

So I started searching for some nice reference images on Pinterest. And then I came across Gold decor which were in some kind of Vintage/Polygon - Style. I loved the idea, as I'm a 3D Artist! But before ordering decor, it was time to get the walls painted. I've chose a soft beige color. I wanted to keep the walls pretty neutral as my artwork is quiet colourful and I wanted to hang up lots of artworks.

But where to put all the art supplies collected over all the years being an artist?

I also needed something to put all my art supplies in! Seriously... I've got so much stuff! From pens, pencils and brushes to different types of paints and other tools. Over the years I collected so many supplies. It was definitely time to get things organised.

Online I found the Create Room brand, which produces amazing cupboards for artists. For a very long time I wanted to get a cupboard like that, as it's not a regular one! Create Room offers shipping in the US, Germany and some other countries and they also sell different types of cupboards with a strong focus on supplies organisation. That was the perfect solution to my office chaos problem. So I ordered the HobbyBox by Create Room. I had to wait a couple weeks though until my Hobbybox arrived. 

Building up the HobbyBox... how long does it take?

You'll definitely need two people to build up the HobbyBox and it took us quiet a few hours. It's not a regular cupboard. You can unfold the doors twice on each side and there's storage for literally everything! Building up the HobbyBox took us around 3 - 4 Hours. Unfortunately the integrated table had the holes flipped, so there was basically a mistake from production- but the HobbyBox team replaced it and sent me a new table board.

My favourite part was putting all supplies in the clear boxes. It took longer than expected though! 

Even putting in the thin shelves took a few hours as you want to make sure you have the correct spaces between shelves. Organising all the stuff I have took me also some time but it was definitely worth it!

 "What I love most about my HobbyBox is, that there's always space - even for tiny little things!"

I also created little labels, so things would be even more organised. I really like the fact that it's so easy to find things now! Sometimes when I don't use supplies too often, I kind of forget where I put them, especially when they are super small. Adding those labels definitely helped me out!

It's so much easier to pack orders for my online Shop. I know exactly where things are. And the HobbyBox has soooo much space! I can't believe how much stuff fits in there. Basically all my art stuff that was mixed up in my living room, office etc. is now organised in my HobbyBox. Another great feature is the integrated light! I don't use it too often as my office is very bright, but if you're working in a darker space, this would probably be a great addition!

After having the HobbyBox filled up, I started reassembling my furniture. I chose to put the desk close to the window, as I need lots of light for drawing. Having my monitor against the sunlight was also a good decision as the sun is shining through my office window a lot and the room is very bright in general.

I went to IKEA to get my chair, lamps, picture frames, shelves (wall) and that little roll car which is great to store in art supplies that you need all the time as you can always move it around! 

I also love plants! My office is also some kind of plant hospital. It's super sunny and bright here, so if a plant wouldn't look good I just put it here to give it some regeneration time.

Well, all in all I'm happy with how my new workspace turned out! It's so much nicer to work in a comfortable and cozy environment as I'm spending so many hours here!

Thanks for reading/watching my little room tour! I hope you guys enjoyed it!  


HobbyBox by the Create Room: Other furniture: IKEA Gold decor: hand sprayed Polygon/ Vintage Style Decor: Vertex Brand on Amazon

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