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Instructor for modeling 100 & 200

I am currently teaching the modeling 100 and 200 classes at PIXL VISN and I am really proud of what my students achieved after such a short time! After 5 weeks we started on modeling an entire room out of polygons where they had to practice beveling. I gave them one week to create an interior room (without any specific shading). A few weeks later we got deeper into hardsurface modeling and the task was to create a vehicle or robot in two weeks with basic shading and lighting using SiBL in mental ray.

I am really proud of my January 2016 class and their results. You guys should definitely check out their awesome work on the PIXL VISN blog:

If you ever wanna try 3D, come by and take part into one of our monthly workshops here at PIXL VISN! Register online on! We cover the basics of Autodesk Maya and we show you how to built an awesome fantasy house out of a big range of assets!

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