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Domestika Course Launch

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I just launched my first online course about Children's Book Illustration with Domestika!



Level: Beginner Software: Procreate Hardware: iPad Pro 12.9 + Apple Pencil

Release: March 28th 2022

Audio: German with various subtitles (English, Spanish etc.)

I'm happy to announce that my new Domestika course about Children's Book Illustration is launching on March 28th 2022! I've been working really hard on the course structure and documents that come with the course. It's more about the theory and painting process of creating a children's book rather than using the software and its tools. The lectures might be valuable to both, beginner and advanced artists that want to dive deeper into the topic of Children's Book Illustration.

Final Project - Spread 1 (Waking up in Mother Hulda's World)

Final Project - Spread 2 (Bread + Oven Scene)

In this course, we are illustrating a double spread from a fairytale of your choice - I've chosen Mother Hulda (German: Frau Holle), as it's my favourite childhood fairytale. Apart from this final project, we are talking about many things you need to consider when designing an entire book!


  1. Introduction

  2. PLANNING: about me, inspiration, influence

  3. VISUAL ELEMENTS: art style, age groups, educational aspects

  4. PROJECT REALISATION: narrative, story telling, structure, Sketch, Colors and finalisation

  5. FINAL TIPS: Developing, Feedback, Marketing, Publishing Options, Creating a Portfolio

The final Project: One of the spreads I illustrated for my story of "Mother Hulda"

In this course I am going to show you how I design characters and what I'm considering when deciding on certain elements. We are going to create a character sheet for the main Character "Marie".

Apart from creating Characters, we are also talking about the basics of Color Theory to help you choosing appealing color palettes for characters and environments to design believable worlds that feel consistent and harmonious throughout the entire book!

In Domestika's Forum you will have the opportunity to share the work you created for the course and get feedback from me and other course students. You will also find help and get the chance to ask questions there.

PAGE PLAN: Together we're creating some sort of storyboard to plan our children's book! It's important that pages feel fresh and new after each page turn and I will show you some tricks how to make kids excited for each page turn and keep them engaged throughout the entire book.

During Unit 4 I will create my double spread and walk you through my personal process of creating a spread for a client! I will show you everything from the first draft and thumbnails to the final coloured illustration.

I hope you're going to enjoy this course! Feel free to tag me on social media. I'm excited to see your final projects in Domestika's forum. See you there! - Meike

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