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FMX 2016 Event in Stuttgart, Germany

APRIL 26TH - 29TH 2016 FMX Conference on Animation in Stuttgart

"Blending Realities"

FMX 2016 took place April 26-29. The conference set a new attendance record, receiving 3,500 attendees each day, with 66% professionals and 34% students from 52 countries.


An exciting week full of great talks and meetings is over. I made great contacts with awesome people from the industry. My personal highlight was the spontaneous scheduled meeting/ portfolio review with the Disney - Pixar Team! Thanks to Sarah, one of the recruiters from ILM for the opportunity! She was so kind to bring me into that one on one review meeting last minute!

Looking through lots of great Art Books! I'm collecting the Walt Disney Art Books and couldn't resist checking them out! So many inspiring artists and artworks!


Watching all presentations about Disney & their feature films!

Walt Disney Feature Animation also had a booth at the FMX. Obviously I watched all their presentations. They also gave away limited Edition Lithographs of Zootopia. So I had to grab one!


The making of Zootopia was super interesting. Matthias Lechner, the Art Director of the Environments of Zootopia, gave some insights into how they designed the world of Zootopia and what challenges they had to overcome. Apart from all the presentations I've watched, I showed my Portfolio, which I had printed in a nice book, to all the companies. It was a great opportunity to do some networking.


IMPRESSUM Pictures by Meike Schneider FMX Website:

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