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Painting at the Purelei Event!

Exclusive insights into Sarah Lombardi & PURELEI's new Jewellery Collection Launch Event!

The previous weekend I've got invited as an Artist to the new jewellery Cross-Collection launch event of Sarah Lombardi and PURELEI. The girls from PURELEI contacted me while I was on vacation in Crete and luckily I would have been back before the event had started. I was invited as an Artist, so I was basically supposed to bring my iPad Pro and paint all the other influencers that got invited to the launch event. I took my flight to Italy early in the morning and landed about noon. I got picked up right at the airport with a couple of other Instagram Influencers. Together we took a shuttle boat directly to our hotel.

We stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel in Venice, which is placed on a separate island next to the city centre of Venice. The hotel was so luxury and such a perfect location for this event!

PURELEI welcomed us with lots of cute gifts! We received their new Jewellery Collection, such as 3 necklaces, a bracelet, a ring and earrings. All this came in a beautiful travel jewellery case!

Apart from me, PURELEI invited lots of other guests such as Betty Taube, Katharina Damm, Isabel Kraus and many other YouTubers and Instagram Influencers.

After we checked in to our room, we went to a cooking class located in our hotel. While the other influencer girls had to cook Italian food together with Sarah, I started painting. I was supposed to draw all 15 girls, which is obviously a lot of work. One coloured cartoon painting takes around an hour. I knew I wasn't going to finish everyone. But I tried to work on each girl at least for a bit. After the cooking class, we ate some of the food and it tasted really good! Right after the cooking class, we took a boat to Venice City centre. We walked along the harbour and did a beautiful Gondola ride through the channels of Venice.

During our Gondola tour, I kept painting the girls on my iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and Procreate App. At that time I had finished three portraits.

Venice is full of beautiful architecture, cute decorated balconies and colourful houses! Last time I've been here is quiet long ago and I was so glad to get the chance to see it again.

The new Jewellery Collection launch was about to start soon!

After the Gondola tour we took a boat back to our hotel room. The new Collection Launch was supposed to start at 7:00 PM.

We arrived back at the hotel and met up at the rooftop of the hotel. Everything was nicely decorated with pink flowers and bouquets.

Sarah Lombardi launched her new Collection and talked about the decisions she made while designing her pieces together with Purelei.

She talked about how her Italian roots inspired this Cross Collection and also the event location in Italy. Most of her jewellery designs are showing christian / orthodox symbols such as a cross or a Madonna.

The Collection is available in Gold, Rosé Gold and Silver.

We had a beautiful sunset on the rooftop of the JW Marriott Hotel and were able to see the entire skyline of Venice.

The PURELEI Dinner and Party

After the launch, we went back to our rooms and got dressed up. Dress-code for the Dinner was RED- which was a real struggle for all of us. Luckily everyone of us was able to find a red piece of clothing before the event.

The Dinner was amazing. Everything started with this beautiful decorated table. They put so much effort into this event and everything was made super classy. I loved how they decorated all those lights above the table. Everything from plates to flowers was simply perfect and elegant! After an amazing dinner, Sarah Lombardi and Pietro Basile performed their new song "Ich liebe nur Dich" live at the rooftop. After their live performance it was time for some live music and dancing. For me though, it was time to paint again. I continued drawing the girls all evening long until the event was over.


The next morning...

The next morning I woke up and felt terrible. I had a cold before I went to the event and after my flight I already started feeling really bad during the event. I couldn't hear properly and noticed that I'm getting sick. However, after calming down at night, I noticed how bad I was feeling during the next day. My flight back home would take off late in the evening, so I still had the entire day to spend in Venice- which was actually a great thing, despite from being sick!

I had to check out of my room and took the boat to Venice city centre and went to a cafe for breakfast.

After that, I tried to walk around the city for a bit, as I had so many hours left until I would have get picked up. However, I was feeling so exhausted and tired that I had to go back to another hotel (where I was able to leave my baggage) to sit down and get some rest.

Anyway, I had such a wonderful experience on that event and I can only recommend to visit Venice. The City is full of cute alleyways- almost like in a Disney Movie! My favourite place was the Piazza San Marco, which is full of cute Pigeons.

I love Pigeons so much! Probably only because everybody else hates them so much. Never forget that we humans brought them to the cities and made them eat everything. They used to live in mountain areas and usually eat only seeds. No animal deserves to be hated. :-) THANK YOU so much PURELEI for having me and organising such a special event!

If you'd like to check out the new Collection, visit:


*Ad/Anzeige in collaboration with Purelei

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