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Updated: Aug 17

Preorder my new written and illustrated book about Fairytale Character Design!

Title: Character Design - Märchen written & illustrated by Meike Schneider Language: German Publisher: TOPP Verlag Release: September 11th 2023

Preorder your copy via this link here! *I get a small commission if you order my book via this affiliate link. SIGNED BOOK: DEVELOPING AND ILLUSTRATING MODERN FAIRY TALE CHARACTERS

Learn how to breathe life into fairy tale characters and bring them to vivid existence through illustration. In this book, author and character designer Meike Schneider unveils the steps she undertakes to craft unique and captivating characters. While films, series, and comics showcase flawless and refined character designs to viewers, how many discarded and unseen concepts truly lie within the creative process?


Meike Schneider presents the entire development process, starting from the initial moodboard and character profile all the way to the final design. Alongside this journey, she offers invaluable expert tips and step-by-step instructions. Crucial topics such as posing and posture, facial expressions, color psychology, visual language, and clothing are thoroughly explored through a diverse array of fairy tale characters. Whether working digitally or with traditional drawing tools, learn how to craft humans, animals, and creatures with finesse.

Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Reinterpreting and illustrating beloved fairy tale characters with Meike Schneider

  • Comprehensive fundamentals of character design, encompassing moodboards, concept sketches, and final character designs

  • The use of color palettes and predominantly digital rendering techniques to infuse illustrations with an enchanting and fairy tale-like quality.

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