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Interview Article with CDQ Magazine

Last year I've got interviewed by the lovely team of 3DTotal. The article is called 'meet the artists' and features some super interesting questions that were fun to answer!

CHARACTER DESIGN QUARTERLY Issue 21 from August 2022

My "Meet the Artist" Interview is featured on page 68 - 77.

You can purchase the magazine here on Amazon.

In this interview I'm talking about my career as an artist, what inspires me, how I started as a beginner and many more interesting things!

I know how most beginners struggle to find the right path in turning your hobby into a career and I'm giving you some advice on how to be successful at it. Especially when it comes to art, it's super important to rock the basics - understanding anatomy, lighting, materials, composition and perspective. You should be good at those before you start stylising artworks. Back then when I was young I literally did everything from photorealistic portraits to oil paintings, animal portraits, cartoons, mangas, landscapes and so many other things. It took me a very long time to finally find the thing I feel most secure and happy with - which was Animation and the cartoony style behind it. In order to find the right thing, you need to try everything first.

I'm kind of known for having a broad spectrum of experience in so many categories such as Character Design, 3D Animation, Fashion Design, Packaging Design, Visual Development any many more. I'd say it's important to be really good at 1 or 2 of those and focus 90% on those. However, it's still a good thing to experiment and learn new skills. In my case, learning 3D Animation during my studies was super helpful. I got a much better understanding of movement, proportions and perspective.

In this article I'm also talking about my process when working with clients. It's so important to have a great pipeline that makes your job as easy as possible and requires a minimum of alterations and changes.

Even though I mainly work in Illustration these days, 3D still plays an important role and helps me creating 2D characters and environments. In this article I'm talking about my method of using rough 3D blockings as a base in order to create a correct lighting and perspective or to present the client with a few different compositions without drawing everything (which is sometimes much more work, considering that the client will only choose one design from all your drafts).

It's been a fun interview and a pleasure to work with 3DTotal and Character Design Quarterly once again! Make sure to get yourself a copy and check out the amazing work of all those other talented artists featured in the issue!

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