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Illustrating a Dragon Storybook

Another children's book project I've illustrated in 2023 for Jupitermond Verlag

Title: Ein Zuhause für Deinen Drachen

Illustrator: Meike Schneider

Author: Ulli Felber

Publisher: Jupintermond Verlag

Release: March 7th 2024

Pages: ca. 36

Reading age: from 4 years

EAN: 9783949239212

Purchase the book via the Jupitermond shop here!

"Ein Zuhause für Deinen Drachen" (A Home for your dragon) is a childrens book I've illustrated for Jupitermond Verlag in 2023. A story about big emotions, a courageous girl, and her wild dragon.

Do you know where real dragons live? Dragons that are wild and breathe fire, sometimes gentle and silent? Mari takes care of such a dragon. However, she only understands why and how when the age-old young woman takes her on a journey into the wondrous world of emotions. To a place where real dragons live. And you know what? It's not that far from here...

The storybook is filled with colorful and emotional pages. Here are a few illustrations I created for the children's book:

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