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German Comic Con Spring Edition 2019

Impressions from the German Comic Con Dortmund - Spring Edition (for the first time!) WEEKEND OF APRIL 13TH - 14TH 2019

The GCC Dortmund had their Spring Edition for the very first time this year in April. I've been attending the regular GCC Dortmund during December for a couple times now and I hated the fact, that it's always snowing at that time!

Seriously it's so hard to get to Dortmund (which is a 70 km drive for me) and I hate building up my booth when it's so hard to escape from the snow destroying my artworks.

So basically GCC Spring Edition sounded quiet nice in terms of weather conditions and I gave it a try. I've been full-time freelancing during that time and since I had a good base of products from the last Comic Con left, why not giving it a try, right?


Since GCC Spring Edition happened the first time, I wasn't quiet sure if there are going to be lots of visitors, so I went with a Artists' Alley Booth without the black back wall behind the table.

Oh, well... why didn't I think about my banner?!

Yeah... I should have thought about that issue earlier. But I have to say, I had just one or two weeks to go after I signed up for the event last minute. Ordering a new banner or roll-up was too spontaneous as it would take weeks to produce. So I just took an old clothes-rail from my parents house. It worked pretty great except for... the height! My banner basically got lost behind the table and this annoyed me so much. I was trying to find something that I could put under the clothes-rail, but there was nothing that would have worked (and would be safe enough- since it had wheels and would easily roll away).

However, the event turned out great and I had to notice, that people liked my booth despite from the bad banner placement. As always, I met lots of familiar faces from previous Comic Cons, friends, Instagram followers and also my family came by for a visit!

To be honest, I didn't watch any of the panels as I was way too busy to leave my booth! I'm not sure if I'll be attending both GCC Dortmund Events next year, but for sure I'm going to select either the regular or Spring Edition event! So see you soon, GCC Dortmund!


IMPRESSUM Pictures by Meike Schneider German Comic Con Dortmund:

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