MerMay 2018 Challenge

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

MAY 2018

An Instagram Design Challenge by Tom Bancroft

The previous month I participated in the #MerMay challenge created by the amazing former Disney Animator Tom Bancroft. The main part of the challenge is to paint a new mermaid for all 31 days during the month may. This challenge is mostly known and executed by Instagram artists from all over the world tagging their artworks with a #mermay hashtag.

"I actually realised: tomorrow is MerMay!"

2018 was my first year fully participating in the challenge. I know there are lots of artists who are preparing their paintings months before the challenge starts. Honestly, I had the same thing in mind since I'm working full-time and on weekends as a freelancer. I'm very busy and thought I couldn't handle posting a painting every day. Well I'm very bad in those kind of things and one day before May 1st, I actually realised: tomorrow is MerMay!

"I really enjoyed keeping my mermaids simple with little, but the right amount of detail and a strong focus on color schemes"

Sooo... I had to draw a new mermaid each day. It was definitely hard and there were days where I was super late with posting my art because I had other appointments or just went out with friends/family. But I managed to finish a painting every day which became kind of a routine after 2 weeks. I noticed I've got faster. A mermaid painting took me on average 1 hour. Sometimes I had no time to think about a great concept and most of the mermaids started without any plan in mind. I really enjoyed keeping my mermaids simple with little, but the right amount of detail and a strong focus on color schemes.

Well as much as I love the challenge, I'm glad to take a break from drawing mermaids and going back to my regular schedule! A huge thanks to Tom Brancroft for creating this wonderful mermaid challenge which makes May such a colourful mermaid month on Instagram!

Feel free to check out the official MerMay website ( My Mother's Day Mermaid also got featured there. Below you'll find some of my favourite mermaids. The others are on my instagram @meikeARTS

#speedpaintings #mothersday #event

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